No Thank You, I'm Sober (a.k.a. Sober Rabbit) is a webcomic I publish bi-weekly on Instagram and Webtoon.

It's about sobriety and recovery. This comic -- despite featuring cute animals -- is best suited for adults.

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I'm excited to announce my first online store is now live! I'll add new items weekly. For now, the store is focused on Sober Rabbit, but I'll soon have some prints of other artwork, standup merch, and more on there. Order anything from t-shirts to BLANKETS to coin purses! Sky's the limit with Threadless, baby! Click the gallery or the button below to check it out!

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Have you heard of Patreon? It's a subscription platform where you can sign up to support your favorite artists on a monthly basis. My subscription tiers range from $3-20 a month. By subscribing, you'll help me focus on my own art, instead of freelancing for other people. Rewards include weekly updates, coloring pages, and -- at the highest tier -- artwork in the mail! Visit the links below to check out my Patreon and see if it's for you!


My $10 tier Patreon subscribers get a new coloring page every week, but during the quarantine, I wanted to offer two coloring pages for you, absolutely free!


The first is a helpful graphic with Brenda the Pigeon -- wash your hands!

The second is a gratitude list template. Use the little squares to draw one image from your day, use the big squares to draw or write something about your week, and use the skinny squares to write something encouraging, like an inspirational quote or a saying you like.

If you'd like weekly coloring pages, consider joining my Patreon! Use the buttons below each image to download a print-quality PDF.