Sober Rabbit

Sober Rabbit is a weekly webcomic published on Instagram and Facebook. Check out new updates Wednesday-Friday.

There are a lot of comics about getting sober, but not many about staying sober. Follow along as Rabbit, Brenda the Pigeon, Shelby the Squirrel and other animal friends try to get their sh*it together, dealing with subjects like substance abuse, eating disorders, mental illness, and more. 


This comic -- despite featuring cute animals -- is best suited for adults.

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.


I'm going to start sharing some full page comics here, to get y'all ready for the forthcoming paper issues of Sober Rabbit. In the meantime, enjoy this 15-page, standalone comic about my -- er -- RABBIT's teenage hijinks.


All you need to know is that Sober Rabbit is just Rabbit in 2005, and anxious about starting community college. Rabbit's two best friends, Turtle and Possum, have wrangled a going away party, thrown by some older kids. What will happen at their last hurrah? Check it out!

Content warning: This comic includes some adult themes, like drug use, sex, and some scary imagery. It'd say it's PG-13, but you be the judge.

A note about readability: It is best read on a desktop or tablet! While you can zoom in, I don't recommend reading on your phone.

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