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Welcome to the Bunny Blog, a special, Patreon patrons-only blog about Sober Rabbit and my other work in progress sketches. Sober Rabbit started as a way to blow-off steam while I was unemployed last year. I'd gotten laid off from the office job I'd had for many years and was struggling to find a way to write and draw about recovery that wasn't too crushingly sad. Then came THE RABBIT! I started doodling a rabbit drinking, passing out, and throwing up. Then I thought about how maybe he was holding a LaCroix. Maybe he wasn't a drunk-ass, but was instead.. tenuously sober? I showed a friend a drawing of the rabbit throwing up -- which I thought was super sad -- and she burst out laughing. (Thanks, Midge!) I am still not sure whether you should see only the rabbit's head when he's talking, or always see his whole body, or what. I'm working towards proper consistency across strips but these early comics are pretty much what I'm doing now!