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March 6: Doodles & Journals

Hi dear patrons! This week, I've journaled a fair amount, and also noticed how many Sober Rabbit doodles I put into my journal, too. Whoops! Below are some doodles where I was trying to work out the joke in individual panels. I like Brenda's double-chin in the last panel.

Because I've been drawing a lot of commissions lately -- so grateful to kind friends who have hired me!!! -- I've also done some doodling on the iPad, as well. I like to go out to coffee shops to draw so I'm less likely to get distracted at home. Here's a drawing of my partner, Kyle, hard at work cleaning gross bathrooms.

Here's two entries from my journal. The first is from yesterday, when I was kinda freaking out about everything.

We watched a Bob Dylan In London documentary. It was fun to see ol Bobby, looking all of 20 year sold, navigating the insane British groupies, looking cool in those Raybans, and acting like a rock star.

I saw Dylan in.. 2007ish maybe? I was profoundly drunk and stoned. We had hotboxed my then-boyfriend's parents' van. (Sorry, Kevin and Kathy!) I walked in as Dylan was playing "Wigwam" as the opening song -- the one from The Royal Tenenbaums! It was surreal.

The second comic is from the day before. I was (and am) so pissed about how oblivious people are towards those with disabilities. It's really difficult to navigate on CTA when everyone is so deeply fixated on their fucking phones!!!

So many times, I've almost gotten to an elevator and someone whooshes past me! So rude!

Anyway, this week has been pretty sucky for me but I'm hoping that as the warm weather begins to make an appearance, and since I'll be out of THIS city for a bit (is Detroit any better???) my mood may perk up. I hope you're having a decent time! Stay warm! <3