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February 28: Doodles

WELCOME, BIG BUNNIES: Adrienne, Eric, Madeleine, and Skitz! Thanks again for becoming my patron. I am going to BOMBARD YOU (politely, weekly) with some patron-only content, starting with some daily doodles that I draw.

I tend to draw on my phone for at least an hour or two every day, which is pretty dumb considering I have 800 notebooks and a nice iPad and Apple Pencil. But it's just so easy! I'll also share with you the incredibly stupid doodles I do on the iPad while watching Youtube videos, but that's for another day. Did you hear about the little Finnish bear cubs?

Is there anything cuter than dancing bear cubs? Not sure, but I did also learn about this little guy.

Also, I drew Darrell-Hammond-as-Sean-Connery on Celebrity Jeopardy on my calendar, because it is, in fact, Febtober.

We're almost done with this chilly month! Here's to hoping March treats us all better.

Have a nice weekend! <3