Pet Portrait Sale

I love drawing pets! Whether I'm drawing a pet portrait for you or a friend, it's something I'm passionate about because I love animals! 
From February throguh March, I will be offering $75 digital portraits of your furry friends
Please note: While I have drawn original watercolor paintings and marker drawings in the past, I am only doing digital portraits right now because all shipping services are overwhelmed by COVID-19 delays and some of my art has been lost in the mail as a result. (For an example: mail I sent in October was returned in late January!)
Each painting will be an 8 x 11 in., full color, high-res digital image. Print at home or have it done professionally!
How Does It Work?
  • You email me some photos of your pet and any notes that are important to you about a pose. I will draw a rough sketch to see if I got the idea. If you're cool with it, you'll send me a deposit of $25 via Paypal.

  • Why the deposit? I ask for $25 up front for a sketch/draft to make sure we’re on the same page and that you're committed to working with me. I want you to love the portrait so the first sketch is to make sure I’ve nailed it! If I didn’t, I’ll send another sketch with your notes and we’ll go from there. 

  • Once I’ve done more work, I’ll show you the mostly finished portrait. I can do one round of edits on the painting, such as adding any details I missed, any touch ups, that sort of thing.

  • Disclaimer: I will not offer a redraw/new pet switch in this first round of edits. I draw a concept sketch at the beginning to set an expectation that we're working together and you understand what I've drawn is what I've committed to. This sounds harsh, but too often, artists work for free or get taken advantage of by being asked for discounts. Digital work is work! Art is work!

  • When the portrait is finished, I’ll ask for the rest of the payment. If I don’t receive it within 7 days, I will add a $25 late fee. Once I’ve received the full payment, I’ll send you a high-res file via email. If I don't receive a response once I've sent the finished portrait and I don't receive payment within 7 days, I'm sorry -- I won't be able to work with you again. Please respect my time -- a lot of love and effort goes into each drawing.

  • If you’d like to do it, send me your pet’s pic (or a few for reference), any notes you have about what you’d like, or questions and that’s how we’ll get going. Email me at

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