I have been drawing comics since I was a little kid. I have only recently started sharing them with the public, as I've been SO self-conscious. There are 2 million 12-year-olds who are better than me, especially when it comes to digital art. However, I've become more open to sharing stuff with the world. Sobriety has helped me realize that nobody really.. cares? Like, share what ya got because it doesn't much matter. 
My current, long-term project is Sober Rabbit. I post a new comic every Friday morning. Consider following me on Instagram if you like rabbits and/or you're sober. My cute animals deal with addiction, overdoses, eating disorders, and listening to way too much Elliott Smith.
I draw analog comics 24/7, and have recently started learning to draw on the iPad. The sampling of art below is by no means my best work, but it's representative of the type of work I like -- gooey ink, minimal color, lots of mistakes and imperfections.
I show anything I'm working on with my Patreon supporters first -- they get first glance at everything I'm working on, even unpublished stuff. If that appeals to you, consider becoming a patron. Update: starting in August 2020, all patrons will have access to a bonus Sober RAbbit every Wednesday.
If you would like to inquire about rates or collaborate on something, please email me.
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