While I draw all kinds of things, my go-to style is loose, cartoony inks with watercolor flourishes.
What I'm currently working on: My current, long-term project is Sober Rabbit. I post a new comic Wednesday-Friday for the public, and bonus comics on my PatreonI also illustrate things like comedy albums, indie movie posters, logos, and more.
What I'd like to work on: Comics and illustrations for books and magazines, children's books, storyboards and/or character design for animation.
Want to work together? If you would like to inquire about rates or collaborate on something, please email me.
Medical Bag Illustration.png
New Yorker-Style Cartoon
for Haymarket Media

Medical Bag is a magazine for doctors and other medical professionals. I successfully pitched this comic about every teenager glued to their phone.

Ctrl C - Final.png
Commissioned Comic

My hilarious friend Thao commissioned this comic idea of hers -- copy and pasting her sleeping husband produces.. a mini-me!

Sober Rabbit

I publish SOBER RABBIT on Instagram each week.


I expanded on this Halloween arc for this 15 page, standalone story.

Content warning: drug use, violence, sexual situations. Not appropriate for children.

This is a comic about social media and imposter syndrome!

MRI journal.png

Hand-drawn comic page about a ride to the orthopedic doctor. After I was hit by a car while crossing the street in 2019, I drew journal comics about how difficult it was to lose my mobility, receive proper medical care (as an underinsured person) and then how those problems became different when the pandemic hit. This will be collected into a complete story in the future.