While I draw all kinds of things, my got- style is loose, cartoony inks with watercolor flourishes.
What I'm currently working on: My current, long-term project is Sober Rabbit. I post a new comic Wednesday-Friday for the public, and bonus comics on my PatreonI also illustrate things like comedy albums, indie movie posters, logos, and more.
What I'd like to work on: Comics and illustrations for books and magazines, children's books, storyboards and/or character design for animation.
Want to work together? If you would like to inquire about rates or collaborate on something, please email me.


Medical Bag Illustration.png
New Yorker-Style Cartoon
for Haymarket Media

Medical Bag is a magazine for doctors and other medical professionals. I successfully pitched this comic about every teenager glued to their phone.


I publish SOBER RABBIT on Instagram each week.


I expanded on this Halloween arc for this 15 page, standalone story.

Content warning: drug use, violence, sexual situations. Not appropriate for children.

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